Friday, June 1, 2012

Drugs = Zombies Hard To Believe

With much of the news this week focusing on the man in Miami who ate the homeless mans face, it is time to sit back and wonder. There are several different reports out there as to what cause this seemingly decent person t do such a horrific thing. One of the first reports that came out claimed the the attacker was using LSD and cocaine that cause this psychosis. Really I know both of those drugs have been around for a long time and have been used together by probably countless individuals and I have yet to hear of other incidents where someone ate another persons face. One of the other reports claims that it was just LSD but same as before how many countless people have used this drug and not eaten anyones body parts. The third claim is that it is this drug called "bath salts". Even though I do not know much about this drug I am still having a hard time picturing that it could cause something like this to happen. So as for the thoughts on drug that caused this I'm sorry I am just not buying it. I think there could be something way more sinister going on here. Not that I am fully believing the zombie apppocalypse theory because that as well may be a bit farfetched. That being said, there was a report from a viroligist Samita Andreansky at the University of Miami claims that it would nt be entirely impossible for a virus like the one depicted in 28 Days Later. The viroligist claims that if rabies and the influenza virus merged it could create a easily contagious rage virus. Now my nly concern with this is do viroligist sit around and think this stuff up or is it because this is smething that they are playing with in government labs.
What are your thoughts on what cause the Miami zombie attack?