Saturday, June 16, 2012

Coin Purses, Rings & Helicopters

So far it has been s pretty uneventful Saturday other than getting up before 7am to help get Katie ready. Grandpa George was picking her up to take her to Hope to go for a helicopter ride. I'm glad that she gets some of these kinds of opportunities while she is young. I know from my father being a helicpter pilot while I was growing up that it was alot of fun to go for some of these rides. Katie is also very lucky because her one grandpa flew helicopter and her other grandpa flies airplanes. So at the tender age of 13 she will now have had the experience of riding in both. The picture of the ring above was what I was given for our anniversary from Darcy. I can't believe that it has now been 15 years that we have been married and I find that I am more in love with him now than ever. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HONEY. Sometimes it is hard to believe that we have made it this far considering how stubborn we both are but I guess we are both stubborn about the same things so it was meant to work out in the end. This is my latest creation I learned how to crochet a small coin purse. I am really proud of what I have learned to accomplish with crochet and plan on learning more and more. Of course, I did not have it for very long considering that Katie acts like my gineau pig with all of my crocheting projects and happily takes all of the prototypes that I make. It is nice to kmnw that she is also proud of her mother as to what she can do. What is your Saturday shaping up to be like?