Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wake And Read

Today is the official wake for my dearly beloved grandmother. I was not able to attend as I am in BC and the wake and funeral is taking place in Ontario. Thankfully, we were able to get my mom out there so that she can say good-bye properly. I wish I was able to attend but due to circumstances and the hole in my gut that's healing but I was there for the wake with my spirit and I know that my grandmother knows I love her and she will always be in my heart. I am thankful for all of the family members that live back east that are there for my grandfather and who are able to attend the wake and then the funeral tomorrow. "Grandma you are terribly missed and I know you will always be here in our hearts." I have been trying to keep myself busy as being at home all day every day is getting pretty boring. So I have done lots of reading over the last week or so. My latest read was a book called "Rich Like Them" in which the author goes door to door in some of the richest ZIP codes in the states to find out how these people achieved being able to live in those types of houses and neighbourhoods. I found it quite fasinating to see that what looks like luck or smarts can mostly be attributed to lots of learning so that what seems to be risky becomes not much of a risk at all. Especially when you are going into something fully aware and have more than one plan in order to get the good outcome. I have decided after reading this book that I will definately be using some of these tactics in order to reach my goal of becoming a nurse. My first real steps towards my goal is to get some of the pre-requisites so I will be aiming to get my health care first aid and my CPR certificate before the end of the summer. During this time of working towards this goal I am going to draw up a timeline and research by speaking with other people who may have gotten their RN through part time schooling which will help in the creation of my full plan to get to that light at the end of the tunnel. Even if it means taking one course per semester for the next 5 years. What is the last book that you read that made you feel inspired?