Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Finally Sprung

It has finally begun to be spring in southern BC for which I am very grateful. You can finally step outside without bundling up the only thing you may need to a good umbrella. The weather has always been very tempermental it is said that if you don't like the weather right now wait 5 minutes or drive 5 miles and you will have some other sort of weather. That works here unless it is raining, if it is raining here it is generally raining all over the lower mainland. Soem days here we get it all rain, hail, thunder lightning and sun and that is all within a 2 hours period. I once actually sat at Katie's baseball practice and watched while it was raining, sunny and snowing all at the same time. I can't wait to finish up healing so that I can start to enjoy some of this wonderful weather we have been having and get some exercise. I am still hurting but at the same time I am starting to get restless. I would love to get head outdoors and start getting healthy but fear the retribution that my body would give me for doing so. So instead I am resting and doing lots of reading. The current book I am reading is "Living Rich For Less" written by Ellie Kay. I am only on to the second chapter to I haven't made any full determinations as to whether or not this book is helpful in any way but I plan to be done within the next couple of days and I will definately let you know whether the information provided in this book is helpful or not. The reaason for reading all of these books regarding finances is my way of learning how to set myself up financially for the future. I take the tidbits that I find to be helpful and leave the other stuff like investing to the experts. I do this to find more ways that I could learn to be frugal and have a more full-filling life without too much overhead costs. What was the last finance book you read that helped give you some ideas?