Saturday, May 12, 2012

Reality TV Or Is It?

While being stuck at home I have been watching quite a bit of TV and have been completely horrified at what certain reality shows seem to deem as reality. Take "The Real Housewives Of Vancouver" really out of all of the episodes I have watched not once has it rained. The weather alone does not depict the reality of living in Vancouver. It is not always sunny and it rains more often than not. All I can think is that recording of this program must be pretty sporadic considering the sun. If you are going to show Vancouver you should at least be honest about it show that on certain days even in May that it can rain, hail, thunder, be windy and sunny all within the same hour. Another thing that bothers me is that this show only seems to depict the lifestyle of the complete elitists of Vancouver. Most of the wives that are wondering around Vancouver are not running around in some serious high-heels and drinking champagne for brunch in the middle of the week or even the weekend for that matter. Maybe they should rename the show "The Real Elitists Of Vancouver", as the shows only seems to show the high-end like Gastown and such not showing that 3-4 blocks aways is Hastings street where you see the some of the cities most poverty stricken people. I think the thing that bugs me the most is the fact that some of these women seem like decent down to earth individuals. however, that being said there are at least 2 women on that show that prove having money does do mean that you have any class. They sit up there on their pedastals and seem to take great pride in cutting other people down. You don't have to be rich to have an attitude like that considering I know a woman who is exactly like that and she lives on welfare. Just because you have money does not mean that you are better than anyone and when you do nothing but speak to other people in a total condescending manner it shows a complete lack of class or manners for that matter. I would just like to watch some TV that shows some real reality not just saying it is a reality TV show that seems to come from another planet. You want to show real housewives then do so. Make a program that follows real housewives trying to get kids ready for school while dealing with everything else like cooking, dealing with the animals in the house, running around trying to get your kids to their activities on time and the fights that ensue with trying to afford the things in life that are needed and wanted by the children. You know show the real struggles of the normal people not the elitists of the city, soemthing that normal people can relate too. I know I just watch these types of shows beause everyone watches a train wreck it is just something that you can't look away from. What are your thoughts on "The Real Housewives" series?