Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Real Test

So last night was my first night back at work. I fretted and worried all day that I wouldn't remember my passwords or alot of the other things required in my position. I even arrived at work early just in case I had to call IT to get my passwords reset.
With all my visions on having no memory of passwords I have not used in the past 6 weeks I sat down to my desk. Lo and behold my fingers remembered my passwords. Then realiing that I did remember tthings I jumped in and enjoyed my first nightshift back at work.
On with the other good news. I have recently thanks to the wonderul videos on youtube.com have learned how to crochet Beret's and also fingerless gloves. I am very proud that I have come so far with my crocheting that I can actually make things that are useful and can't wait to learn how to make more things. Have you even taken a leave from work and then worried about passwords when you went back?