Friday, May 25, 2012

Ready Or Not

So next week starting on Monday I will be returning to work. I am very excited because I do actually like my job and am looking forward to seeing my co-workers again. I have gotten the clearance from my doctor to go back to work and I think some of this maybe the change of scenery I need before I go crazy.
Although, the scenery will be alot different from the above waterfall, I feel that the symbolism is good considering I am taking a leap in going back to work and jumping right in just like the water as it goes over the waterfall.
Also, going back to work will provide a bit more freedom than I have been feeling considering I have been homebound for the last 6 weeks, and making real money again will also add to the freedom that I am going to be feeling. Have you ever felt excited to go back to work after a period of time off?