Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Complete Clarity

Have you ever awoken to feel like you have clarity that you did not have before? I did this morning but not in a very good way. I feel very down on myself even though I have been doing more and more things to get me to where I want to be. I am speaking mainly of my physical self. when I look in the mirror I am just not happy with what I see. Maybe because I am getting older or perhaps I am just not in a very good head space.
Ya, right I wish that my confidence level was so high that I could look in the mirror and see better than what I am right now. Maybe this is just my brain telling me that it is time to kick things into high gear. So I will start focusing on things that I can change even though those changes won't take place really quickly.
Yep, I will use that statement for my mantra or a while and maybe I can fake it til I make it. On a good note I have starting reading a book that so far seems quite good about a journey to self realization. The book is called "Yoga Bitch". I know the name is what caught my eye to look at it in the first place and although I am only on the second chapter it is quite captivating so far, almost to the point where I actually feel that this person could be me.