Monday, April 30, 2012

Rough 9 Days

The past 9 days have been pretty rough but hopefully it will get better soon. On the 21 of April I noticed a red spot on my incision and it stung pretty bad so I went to the ER to get it checked out and I am glad that I did. It turned out I had a staph infection on my incision. Now after 5 days of IV antibiotics I am now on the mend and also have moved onto oral antibiotics. On top of all of that they did an ultrasound of my incision and 8it turned out that I had a pocket of fluid deep in my incision which I had removed on Tuesday via interventional radiology (means aspiration guided by ultrasound).I do not wish this procedure on my worst enemy because it hurs and leaves a huge nasty bruise which almost hurts worst that my incision. On a very sad note while all of this was going on my grandmother who I love dearly fell last Sunday the day after her and my grandfathers 70th Anniversary and she broke her hip. Unfortunately she did not survive the surgery to replace her hip and my heart broke as my mother called on April 26 to let me know that when they took her off of the ventilator she just didn't breathe. I miss her dearly but at least I know she is not suffering.
Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the funeral as I am in BC and the funeral is in Ontario. I feel badly for that but plan on contacting the funeral home to see if they provide live web feeds for those not able to attend the funeral in person. Wish me luck on that one. I really feel for my dear grandfather who is now going through the rest of his life without the love of his life. On the bright side though he did get to have her for 70 years and as he says 10 months because he counts back to the day they started dating. My only hope is that she arrived in heaven greeted by family including her mother, father, brother and her sister. Oh and I hope that she showed up like she always said she would "with a turkey tucked under one arm and a potatoe masher in her other hand" ready to cook a feast and a yummy one at that cause she was always a great cook. Anyways I guess my message this week is to always let the ones you know that you love them and never leave things on bad terms because you never know when your time is up. I will be happy going forward knowing that before she fell and broke her hip I called to wish my grandma a Happy Anniversary and told her that I loved her. How has your last week gone?