Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Did Survive

I had my hysterectomy last Thursday. It all went well right up until I came too in the recovery room. The pain when I woke up was the most horrible pain that I had ever felt. That being said though they did dope me up enough that soon I wasn't feeling to bad at all. I finally got to go home on Sunday which I was quite happy about. There were many firsts while I was in the hospital. The first time I passed gas I almost started crying because it hurt. The most comical part out of the whole thing was being told that when I was going to defecate to take a pillow into the bathroom with me to hold it against my stomach so that I didn't pull my staples open. However, until I am healed it is definately the way to go as it puts just enough pressure on the incision that it doesn't feel like it is being pulled or torn. Since being home I have just focused on getting healed.I get up and walk around the house several times per day as they told me before I left the hospital to make sure I keep walking to avoid clots. When the Dr.had originally told me that I would tire easily I thought he was joking or that those instructions were more meant for older patients. Boy was I wrong I can't believe that I can go from feeling great to absolutely exhausted within a matter of minutes and need a nap. Anyways I would love to share some more butI do feel a nap coming on. Ttyl