Thursday, March 22, 2012

Second Part Of Waiting Begins

I received a call on Tuesday and have now received my surgery date for my hysterectomy. The whole incident just goes to prove that GOD really does have a good sense of humour. The date I was given is for April 12 which also happens to be Darcy's birthday. How comical is that? Oh, well I guess he will just have to have a really boring birthday sitting in the hospital. I will be arranging to celebrate his birthday a couple of days before so that he still gets a birthday cake and his presents.

I realize that this kind of surgery some women would be upset or get depressed at the thought of having the important stuff removed and not being able to have any more children but I am not one of those women. I look forward to not having anymore very painful periods and also not have to worry about getting pregnant anymore. I made the decision when Katie was born that I was done having babies. So to me this is a very positive experience and am looking forward to being pain-free.

What are your thoughts on hysterectomies? How would you feel if you were to have a hysterectomy (happy or sad)?