Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scale Of Going Crazy

I am sure this is probably not the right forum and that I should be actually sending this post to Dr. Oz for help but I am in utter disbelief.

I'll give you the backstory first. Here goes. My toilet ends up being clogged at least once a week and depending on how the week goes sometimes more. I don't have any small children anymore so it is not like toys are being flushed for fun down the toilet. Nope, I have a Darcy and a Katie. I swear that their digest juices are concrete that mixes with their poop because they are constantly clogging the toilet. Due to them being quite busy and always on the go guess who always ends up unclogging the toilet. Today was especially bad because I once again had to snake the toilet when I should have been making dinner. Does anybody out there have this problem and if so what should I do. It is getting to the point that I actually have told them that unless they have diarrhea that I don't want them going poo in our toilet downstairs, that they should go upstairs. I have even threatened to buy an outhouse just for them.

I think it is defiantely time that Darcy should go and see about his concrete poop problem and why he is constantly clogging the toilet. As for Katie, I have seen why she can clog a toilet so easy. I have never seen someone with poo that big in my life just seeing it makes my butt hurt. Oh well I guess she shouldn't find giving birth when she gets older very painful with lots of practice with the large poops. The scary part is that neither of them suffer from constipation so I really cannot understand why it is so hard that it cloggs the toilet. As for the size of Katie's poop maybe she has an extremely large colon as to me that could possibly be the only explanation. I wouldn't be writing about this but today was the straw that broke the camels back. I ended up with the entire snake down the toilet and it was still clogged after getting the snake unstuck from the toilet and a few minutes of really good plunging it finally broke free and I am happy to say the the toilet in no longer plugged.

Have you ever had this type of problem in your life?