Monday, March 26, 2012

Let The Spring Cleaning Begin

It was a very productive weekend for me this weekend. I have started the spring cleaning in and around the house. First thing to go was the biggest thing to go "The Jeep". It has been sitting since last June as I didn't know what was wrong with it and could not bring myself or let anyone else pay to fix the thing. On Saturday evening I bit the bullet and we posted it for sle on craigslist. Very happy I did though because my 1:30pm on Sunday the Jeep was gone sold for a very decent price. Now to start on the inside of the house. I'm thinking if I get everything sorted before my surgery that possibly a garage sle with everything left over after the sale going to Value Village or the Salvation Army. If not the sale will have to wait until after I heal.

The rest of yesterday was spent helping with yard work and walking dogs with Katie. I never realized that raking is terribly hard on the arm muscles. I swear my arms still feel tired and like they don't want to move if they do have too. It was fun though because I also got to use a leaf blower for the first time. It is like walking around with an enourmous hair dryer but it helps get the job done just a little faster.

Plans for the week are to crochet, do some sorting, and spending as much time with the husband and kid as possible as I want to before I go for the surgery. Still excited about it but as with any kind of situation where you get put under there is always the worry. I am not going to talk to much about it though because I don't want to get freaked out about it because I am sure things will be just fine.

Have you started your spring cleaning yet?