Thursday, March 1, 2012

It just Won't Go Away

Well I am on day number 5 of being sick and feel worse that I did on day one. My sinuses feel like they are going to explode and my eyes keep watering nevermind the countless sneezing attacks where I keep losing several thousand brain cells.
This morning I thought my sinuses were plugged so I did the Netty Pot and lo and behold the liquid is running right through. So then the question is why does it feel like it's full and my eyes are watering. Oh the wonder that is the common cold. However, I am living on Advil Cold and Sinus and it seems to take a bit of the pressure off of my eyes and makes breathing bareable.
I will definately be quite happy once this cold lets go of me. I don't get sick very often but as usual when I do it is a doozy. I am looking forward to some relief from this.
I am even willing to try some home remedies to help move this along faster if anyone would like to share.

Do you know any good remedies for colds that work?