Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm Back

Just came back from a little hiatus. It has been a busy few days also included in that was a bit of pain.

On Friday we learned tha there are no answers for my father. We now have to wait for an MRI and a biopsy but we are keeping our fingers crossed. I had to work on Saturday and it is always nice when you have to get up early but wake up earlier than expected due to wisdom tooth pain. I wish I could win the lottery and have them removed already as I was told it would cost around a thousand dollars of which I don't really have just sitting around to pay for so I just keep taking the painkillers when it hurts. It hurt so bad on Saturday that I could not even eat crackers but it has stopped moving for now so I am grateful for the pain being gone.

Alas, now it is Monday and I can't believe that it is still trying to snow. I woke up with some snow littered accross the lawn but now it is sunny so all I can do is hope that it gets warm enough outside to quit this whole snowing thing.

A piece of crazyness for Friday that I forgot to mention. Katie had yet again suckered into a new piercing. Yep, that is right a new piercing and now she has a whole in her belly-button. Darcy and I figured it couldn't be any worse than getting the nose pierced and because she has done so well in maintaining the nose piercing we agreed to the belly-button. Katie was quite thrilled with it and even choose a belly-button ring with red gems in it. It actually looks quite good and she is very pleased with the latest piercing.

What would you do if yourm daughter wanted to get her belly-button pierced?