Friday, March 9, 2012

FFF (Finally Freaking Friday)

I am happy to say it's finally friday, let the weekend come. To make it even better I finally feel like I am really kicking this colds butt. Today is the first day in almost two weeks that I didn't feel all dizzy, congested and haven't been coughing my guts out. YAY. If I still feel this good tomorrow I plan on hitting the gym and getting back to enjoying being healthy once again.

I would have gone to the gym today but I had very limited sleep last night as Katie had one of her migraines and was up pretty much all night which of course when you are a mom means that you are up virtually all night and when you do finally get some sleep it is a very light sleep because you are expecing to be woken up at any time. After 2 rounds of Aleve it looks like she might have conquered the migraine; although, it means that she did not go to school today. Oh well I am sure she didn't miss much considering that it was the last day before spring break. Yep that is right 3 days of teachers striking then 2 days of school and now spring break for 2 weeks. I think they planned that one really well.

Hope you are enjoying your FFF?