Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beautiful Day

I awoke to the sun shining in through my curtains in this morning and it was a very welcom sight. Especially considering that when I went to bed last night it was trying to snow. Thankfully, it did not snow very much and none of it stuck to the ground. So in the words of one of my favorite musicians Steve Poltz "It's a beautiful day".

My plan for today is tidy up the kitchen and take a walk for some exercise considering that I am still coughing and I still figure it would not be polite to go to the gym hacking and wheezing. I still feel pretty good though almost feeling compeltely normal. I was successful yesterday with my 18 smokes so today's goal is to only smoke 17 or less. I am finding that writing down everytime I go for a smoke makes me aware of how much and let's me decide if that is something I really want to do or if I can wait a little longer.

Is it a beautiful day where you are?