Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ahhhh Saturday

Hello Saturday, thank you for showing up again; although it is to bad that you did not bring any sunshine with you. That's okay I will forgive you this time. That was the conversation in my head this morning when I woke up.

I am still feeling pretty good although I am not sure but the other day I ended up squatting alot and I must have been doing it right because my thighs are killing me. It even hurts to walk up or down stairs. Anywho, it is Saturday and I plan on enjoying the day doing some much needed housework amongst other things. Hopefully, I will be able to remove enough stuff from the house to fill the trailer to go to the dump and have even yet more space within the house. I know it is making Darcy crazy that I just want to keep getting rid of stuff but I feel that the less stuff there is in the house the more peaceful our lives will be. Calm house= calm mind.

Since Katie has been trying to bake and cook lots due to the fact that she has been learning how to do it in home ec at school. I bought some bran muffin mix and have spent most of my morning harrassing her to make me some nice bran muffins that I can eat while they are still warm with melting butter on them. YUMMY. Now that my mouth is watering I need to go and bug her some more.

What are your plans for this Saturday?