Friday, February 24, 2012

SNOW !!!!!!!!

I was hoping that the weatherman was going to be wrong like they so often are when they said if was going to snow this morning. Now, I am sitting here going DANG the one time the weatherman is right. This is not right I live in Southern BC and it is less than a week away from March. WE had a couple of sunny beautiful days this week and now it is snowing, I guess this proves it that even the being upstairs has a really good sense of humor. I am now hoping that the weatherman was right when they said the the snow will be gone by this afternoon when it is supposed to turn to rain. Cross your fingers for me please.

Anyways on to the good stuff. I have started reading this book titled "The Book Of Even More Awesome" so far I am loving it and have even laughed out loud a few times and I am only on page 30. I find it very interesting that we don't think about the little awesomes in our life but with book you can see the awesomeness and really relate to the little things that are awesome in our everyday life. I think this may be one of the best optimism books going. But since I started with the 2nd book, I am now going to have to read the first book after this book.

Although, it is making me have some serious thoughts on the subject of awesome. Are we relly in this day and age so busy with our lives and looking at the big picture that we need someone to write a book to point out all of the little things/adventures we all have in our everyday life. I think writing them down though is a great idea and am entertaining the thought of really trying to focus on the little things instead of the big picture to see what I can come up with.

Do you see the big picture or do you enjoy the little awesomes in your life?