Friday, February 24, 2012

Plugged Toilet= AWESOMENESS

Sorry about this folks normally I do not post 2 times in one day but I feel like it is totally called for considering my earlier post.

You see my toilet has been plugged for about 2 days. I have plunged with all my might and still nothing. Then I asked Timpa if I could use his snake. Now keep in mind that I have never snaked anything or fixed plumbing in my entire life. So this was a new learning experience for me. After a few futile attempts at how to get the thing working and to go down thru the pipes (which are always twisty) especially with toilets. I kept working at it though and the further I got the snake into the pipes the more the water started draining from the toilet. After about 20-30 minutes of sucessful snaking I flushed the toilet and it actually flushed slowly but at least there was movement. I got Timpa to come down and do a quick man strength plunge in the toilet and then it happened SUCCESS. It fully flushed. So I can now claim proudly that I know how to snake a toilet. I AM MY OWN PLUMBER. HUGE SMILES. Now I completely see the awesomeness of the small things even more clearly.

Have a great unplugged toilet night everyone.