Monday, February 6, 2012

Nightmares And Worry

Have you ever had a nightmare or few that just bother you right to your core, even if the nightmare is completely out there. That is what I have been deeling with over the last few days. Every night over the last 4 nights; although, half the time I don't remember specifics as to the nightmare. I find that all through the next day the anxious feeling follow me.

I don't understand as to why this happens and I wish it would just quit. I don't like going around feeling anxious due to my brain. Maybe it has to do with stress or maybe they are manifested because of hidden anxiousness that I have becuse of personal feelings that I am bottling up. I need to come up with a way not to let this keep happening because I am sure that it's not good for my mental well-being. Maybe I will try some meditation tonight before going to bed, maybe that will help.

Any ideas as to how to deal with the anxiousness from nightmares?