Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lazy Day Sunday

Ahhh Sunday what perfect day to just sit back, relax and be absolutely lazy. Well, not entirely Katie and I did walk the dogs and I did cook a really good stir fry for supper along with other various things throughout the day. But for the most part it was a relaxing day.

Katie is getting better and better with each hour. Dare I say she is actually gettin over this flu bug and will even be able to return to school tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Myself, my neck is getting better although I think that being doped up on flexoril and naproxen over the last few days has helped greatly. Still trying for 1 litre of water a day almost there but at least I am getting more water in me than ever before. I can't wait until my neck is totally better then I can go back to hitting the gym and getting this extra weight off. Until then I will just remain doped up.

How did you spend your Sunday?