Monday, January 9, 2012

Thoughts On Optimism

Have you eer noticed when it comes to being optomistic. That is always easier to be postive about other people's problems and offer words of encouragement. When it comes to yourself though it is not that easy, people offer words of positivity or encouragement seem like mountains that seem impossible to do anything with. Even taking your own advice can be severely difficult. Why is that?

I think one of the main reasons that it is so difficult to be optomistic for ourselves is that you have self-pity and self-doubt part of the equation. We all have self-pity and self-doubt which makes it hard to be optomistic when you have your own little voice inside telling you whatever it takes to not be positive. We all have to learn to work past it and see past it as just negative self-talk. I know it seems simple to say and I know for a fact that changing this type of thought it quite difficult. Hell I still fight this type of thought myself but everytime I am able to conquer and move past it things do get better. So the next time you are feeling down just tell yourself that the negative thoughts are just that "Thoughts" and just because you are thinking them does not make them true.

What are your thoughts on how to be optomistic?