Monday, January 16, 2012

Snowing = Reading + Crocheting

With all the snow that we have gotten over the last couple of days and even more scheduled to fall this week, I have been focusing on indoor activities. Although, on Saturday I did make the 2.4km trek with Katie for dog walking. I don't have any boots but luckily Katie is now almost the same foot size as me and she had an extra pair which she was sweet enough to let me use.
So with all the indoor activities the ones that I have been doing the most is reading and crocheting. I finished yet another book on my Kobo and am very grateful for our public library system which has already has a set up for downloading books onto electronic readers.
Yesterday, I finished reading the book "Always Looking Up" by Michael J. Fox. I found the book to be completely inspiriation and how he has dealt with his PD is truely heroic. I could only hope that if I ever had to face a similar situation that I could be that strong and optomistic.
Other than that I have been getting alot of crocheting done and am happy to say that I have almost half of the slippers and beanies made for next Christmas. Now just need to learn to make little accessories to put on the slippers to make each pair unique other than the color.