Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Eating Cleaner

After a Christmas break of lots of chocolates and too much fast food, I have decided that today is the day to clean up my eating habits. Today for supper we are going to have salmon with a pasta and veggie sidedish. Sounds healthy right?

Katie mentioned to me a couple of weeks ago that she misses when I used to make salmon at least once a week and how good salmon is for us. I have decided to take her up on her request as it would be a very healthy meat to eat and although I am not a huge fan of fish. I am sure that I can play with it to make it taste good enouh to swallow down at least once a week.

So starting today at Katie's request we will be having fish at least once a week. I figure one small change at a time will end up making all the difference in the world to our health and eating habits.

If you could make a small healthy food choice for today what would it be?