Friday, January 6, 2012

Dealing With People

Have you ever noticed how some people can get almost anything they ask for when dealin with a person at a company or otherwise?

I have found through personal experience that you definately do get more flies with honey than with vinegar. When it is something that you need even if it is just some simple information playing the apology and telling your tale of woe in a non-whiney sense will get you almost any information you need. I have noticed that when the cards are played like that the person will most often feel sorry for you and give you either the discount or information you are after. In that type of situation everyone wins. The person who helped you walks away feeling good about themselves that they have done you a huge favor and you walk away with the information or whatever it was that you were after.

I have also seem people try to get things in an aggressive manor only to be shut out due to the person they were dealing with feeling insulted or disrespected. Sometimes a full frontal is required especially when dealing with someone who doesn't seem to be listening right from the beginning. In these circumstances pointing out quite vividly helps to get your point accross and makes the person think.

How do you deal with people who may or may not help you?