Saturday, January 21, 2012

Constructive Saturday

Today was a fairl constructive day. I started the day by cleaning the kitchen which after Katie go through it half the time looks like a bomb went off. However, easy enough to clean. Then off to Michaels we went even Katie came but only so that she could get some charcoal pencils for her drawings. Michaels is now my craft store other than the dollar store. I walked out of the store with 3 balls of yarn and Katie's I figured why not cause it was on sale for $0.99.
After lunch and a quick nap due to not going to sleep til almost 4 in the morning, I started back on the crocheting, I only have about 7 more pairs of slippers and beanies to make an that part of the Christmas presents will be done.
I have found lately that my head keeps swimming with all the craft sort of things I could do for Christmas without breaking the bank. Ir makes it feel like there is alot more freedom when you are crafting compared to what you can buy. I am thinking making some body scrubs and candles as well for everyone at Christmas, but I guess we will see what the future has in store.

How did you spend your Saturday?