Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bad Sleep

I may have found one of my reasons why I have no motivation. Sleep, everyone needs it right?

I have not had a good nights sleep since Sunday it is now Thursday. I started off with good sleep on Monday night but at around 3am when I was yelling for help in my dream my husband thought that would be a perfect time to wake me up, considering the yelling that I was doing in my dream I was also doing in our bedroom nice and loudly. It is almost since that moment that my sleep has not been doing very well. I can only manage maybe about 2-4 hours before I am just awake, irrirtatingly awake.

I feel like a zombie walking around but when I go to bed I spend most of my time just lying there praying for sleep. Maybe I am just mentally tired and should do something today to see if I can get myself physically tired and see if that helps. If not I am not sure what I will do considering then I will not only be mentally tired but physically as well (maybe I will actually become a zombie).

How do you overcome a bout of insomnia?