Monday, December 19, 2011

Racing Thoughts

I spent most of the weekend crocheting, although, I did make it to the flea market with katie on Sunday. It was fun just hanging out with her and she seems to be a really good place right now with everything. We walked and looked and talked and laughed. I enjoyed the time with her and look forward to spending more of that kind of time with her as time progresses.
I am still working on my list of things that I plan to accomplish for 2012. I plan to post this on December 31 so that I have my plans in concrete and for the world to see. As you can probably tell I my mind is racing with thoughts and luckily I can do alot of thinking while crocheting or I might be in some serious trouble.
I have other things going on in my head as well but do not feel that this is the right format in which to mention them as they are beyond personal both to me and a couple of other people. So all I will say is I hope that things start to turn around and become better.