Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Goals For 2012

I am trying to break away from the tradition of New Years Resolutions as seeing from my own history plus the history of many other countless people, it doesn't work. We all start out the New Year with these lofty resolutions which quickly fall flat when the first bump in the road happens or we get just a little stressed and the resolution suffers for it. So this year I am calling them goals for the next year. I am not coming up with a list of things that I am going to try to accomplish all at once and giving up within a few weeks. Nope this year I have it detailed while I do have a list of the things that I plan on accomplishing over the next year. My plan for success is that I will only be focusing on one thing per month and that hopefully that the month of focus will help make it a routine in my life so that when i focus on the next task that the earlier will not fall apart and at the same time I will not feel overwhelmed by trying to change to much to fast. That being said this is my plan for the Year 2012.


Improve my fitness. Aim to hit the gym at least 3x a week. Be physically active as much as possible.


Cut back on my caffeine intake. Aim to drink a litre of water every day. So that I can be healthier and get to enjoy my new fitness levels.


Try a new vegetable once per week that I have never tried before. This will help me be healthier as well as expand my choices when it comes to vegetables.


Eat minimum 1 piece of fruit per day. Which at this point I can say will be a whole lot more fruit than I currently eat.


Take a yoga class minimum once a week. Thanks to Cindy I am definately interested in pursuing making Yoga a part of my life.


Take minimum 10,000 steps per day as per Dr. Oz. Doing this half way through the year will keep me on track for the January goal.


Run in a local 5k race. To prove to myself that I have kept up with the fitness goal.


During the summer I plan to keep up highly on physical activity so I plan to do the Grouse Grind.


Learn to medidate and aim for 15 min per day. Will help me learn to calm my mind.


Run the C.I.B.C. Run For The Cure 5k. To support those who I know and who don't know in their fight against Breast Cancer both men and women.


Have all of the Christmas shopping and everything wrapped by the end of November so that I will not be running around shopping and will actually be able to relax and enjoy the next Christmas season.


As per Novembers I plan on relaxing and enjoying this Christmas season. Also I plan on re-evaluating what my goals for 2013 will be.

Throughout all of this my entire goal for the next year will be to learn to live on less and enjoy the life of a frugal person so that money won't be much of a concern and build a nice safety nest for myself and my family.

What are your goals for 2012?