Sunday, December 4, 2011

Letting People In...

It has always been fairly difficult for me to let people in. I don't trust many people to begin with but when you let people in you become even more vulnerable. This is why I always like to keep my guard up especially with women. No offense to my female friends but truth be told when we watch shows like The Real Housewifes Of Orange County or any of the Real Housewives series it is because it is the most accurate showing of how women are. It seems that when you get more than 3-4 females together in a room it doesn't matter if it is a party, banquet, or an office the claws and pettiness begin. Even if things seem to be running smoothly some woman somewhere will try to cause drama of some sort. Whether it be discussing things about another woman who happens not to be there at the moment or heck in most cases even when the other woman is standing right there. The clics and groups you see starting in highschol don't change the women just get older. I really want to believe that women are better than that but the more I see of the world and things like the reality shows regarding women the more my beliefs are confirmed that most people can't be trusted. Whereas men are different in that respect the say what they mean and care more about having fun and keeping things on even footing instead of getting all caught up with who said what to whom when and how can we ostrasize this person. Men when they do get upset with each other have it out in words straight on or a fist fight then it is done and they go back to either being friends or cutting ties.
Why such the big difference between groups of womena dn groups of men is unknown to me but it seems that men are a little more down to earth when dealing with other people unlike women who would perfer to have drama in their lives.

What are your thoughts on groups of women together compared to groups of men and how they deal with people not in their groups?