Friday, December 9, 2011

Give Me Some Credit

When I started this blog my purpose was for me to put things out there about what I am thinking and how I am trying to improve myself and my life. I do my best at most times to not mention outside people by name and when speaking of certain situations I will for the protection of certain people interests make it just a general observation. I am proud of my blog and the fact that I am not here to expose the problems and issues of other but to try to work things out without outing the peoplein my life that these things are happening too.
I have noticed lately that when certain things happen that people in my life deem that I may write about wihtout consulting me to see if it is a thought I am entertaining, I get texts saying don't mention this on your blog because so and so read your blog. Here I thought the government was here to censure everyone but soemtimes the people in your life really are ten times worse at censuring. They just automatically assume that I have nothing better to write unless it is about them or any of the trials and tribulations that they may be going through. Please give me some credit, I have a mind of my own and do not need to be censured. If I think that something I may write will hit a little to close to home and affect the people in my life I usually not blog about it.

Do you find that people in your life try to censure you?