Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Being Duped And Telling Lies

Any of you who know me really will know that the one thing I can't stand is being lied too (this also includes ommittion of the truth). It really bothers me when someone thinks that low of me that they feel the need to either lie or omit the truth. To me it seems that when someone does something like this it makes me feel like the person either doesn't trust me or is trying to hide something. And if you are trying to hide something it is usually because you are doing something in which you should not be doing. Same as when someone tells a lie about me it horribly offends me and makes me just want to walk away from the entire situation and compeltely distrust anything that may be said to me or about me from you ever again. I have seen a little bit of this going on lately in my life and to tell the truth I am absolutely disgusted, makes me wonder where I went wrong with these people and why I ever placed my trust in them.

What is your take on lying or omittion of the truth?