Sunday, November 20, 2011

Yoga but A Long Way from Being A Yogi

Well I did it. I attended my first yoga class. A friend of mine Cindy recently got her certification for teaching yoga and was teaching her first class today. Since I have been interested in trying yoga out for a while I decided that it was now or never. I could accomplish two things at once. 1) Trying a yoga class 2) Supporting a friend on theirown personal quest.

It was a good class and Cindy taught the class very well. She is well on her way to being an awesome teacher and when she teaches again I will definately be in attendance. Yoga always looked so easy but I realized today while being in some akward positions while shaking violently as my muscles are not used to being streched that far that yoga is not easy. It was hard but I did enjoy the experience and will definately be looking into attending some more classes maybe I can even get to the point where I can do a position without shaking. So yes, I have now done yoga but am very far away from being a yogi. Maybe one day. Cindy as always is a very patient and supportive person and made me feel like I belonged even though this was my first time. So a BIG THANK YOU Cindy for being who you are and I expect that you will go very far in the industry that you have chosen. Maybe you can even make me a yogi someday..

When was the last time you tried something new?