Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanks But This Is Not Helpful

The mail come this morning and there was an envelope from Katie's school. Upon opening it I realized that it was her report card but here's the kicker. There were no marks or comments from the teachers and the principal didn't even sign it. Now I realize that the BC Teachers Federation is taking job action but seriously to waste that much paper and postage to send out empty report cards. I just keep sitting here scratching my head according to the letter that was sent along with the non-report card it explained that according to the School Act parents are to receive a minimum of three written reports on a form as per the Minister of Education. But if you are not reporting anything it is just a waste. Think of all the tree's that could have been saved if BC Teachers Federation nevermind all the money that could have been saved on postage. They would have been smarter to take out an ad in the paper or on the t.v.. I think that sending out blank report cards based on a written technicality is absolutely ridiculous.

What are you thoughts on this type of technicality?