Friday, November 11, 2011

"I'm Tired" Cry Of A Generation

Over the past few decades we have in society been giving each generation a name. There was Generation X, Generation Y, I think this generation should be called Generation Tired.

Everytime I asked Katie to do anything lately the response is "I'm Tired" What she is so tired for I have no idea why. Even if she is just hanging around the house listening to music and playing on facebook her response is "I'm Tired" and here I am thinking from what? I have spoken to other people with teenagers and it seems this entire generation is tired. Did their mothers work to hard while pregnant that passed on this being tired phenomenon? Lately even the dog is tired. Case in point!

That picture of Tia was taken a couple of days ago around 11:00am after hours of refusing to get out of my bed. I was starting to think that Tia had become a camel holding her water but eventually she did get up around 2:00pm that afternoon to go outside. The only strenuous thing that Tia did the day before was went for a short walk and a car ride with Darcy to come and pick me up. Does that sound like enough to really equal being that tired. Tia is of course only 7 years old is she really becoming a teenager too?

Have you notice this tired phenomenon?