Friday, November 25, 2011

Busy Week That Raised Some Questions

It has been a very busy week. I was able to get excused from Jury Duty which made life a lot more simpler without having to deal with taking more time off of work. I have also had to deal with some people that made me atually take a step back and wonder how they were raised. It seems to me that if you treat people nicely you will probably get further than if you treat them like garbage. When this happened I just chalked it up to being poorly raised either that or what their parents taught them never sunk in.

There has been a few issues with the family this week as well. Although it is medical problems that I am seeing within the family it is interesting how people deal with certain information. Some people look at the problem head on and would try to get the medical issue dealt with immediately. Whereas some people seem to almost stick their head in the sand not really acknowledging what is going on. I believe the later is the most dangerous when dealing with a medical problem or concern as it means that the issue is not going to be resolved in a timely fashion because the person takes just one aspect of it and gripps onto that instead of trying to see the big picture. Whereas it you try to get the problem dealt with right away you can still hope for a positive outcome but you are not making the possibility of it being bad even worse by ignoring the problem and letting things take it course.

How do you deal with medical problems?