Saturday, October 1, 2011

What Was I thinking?

Last night I did something that I never really envisioned myself doing. I have no idea how Katie talked me into it but at 6:45pm we walked into Paul's Piercings and I helped pay for her to get her nose pierced. I was even thinking to myself "How did I get talked into this?" while we were waiting for the nose jewellery to be finished running through the auto-clave.
Then came the big moment the piercing. It was conforting to know that even though she is getting older she still needs her mommy, I thought as she wanted to hold my hand for fear that it was going to hurt really bad.

I guess the important part out of all of this is that she is a very happy kid. Even though I know this isn't necessarily bad for her I am still sitting here wondering how did she talk me into this?