Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sometimes I Wonder???

Yesterday just as school was ending I received a call from my almost 13 year old Katie. She wanted to let me know that she didn't think she could go to dance class because she hurt her ankle in gym.
They were running 5k in gym class and just about half way thru Katie somehow managed to trip over her own two feet. Twisting her ankle she went down only to jump up and finish running the 5k. So by the time school was done so was her ankle. She came home and showed me her ankle. It is so beautifully swollen. I did ask her why she felt the urge to finish the 5k even when she hurt her ankle and her response was "well at least I finished something I started today" to which I just shook my head.
So we are not at school today because the ankle is still quite swollen and painful but hopefully after a day of rest it will be bearable to at leastgo to school tomorrow.

Has your child or someone you know ever done something that just makes you wonder?