Sunday, October 16, 2011

Plans For Today

It is beautifully Sunday morning with blue skies outside but a little on the chilly side. So far I am just up and enjoying a tasty coffee, starting to think about what I plan to do today.
I think that the first order of business when I finally am totally awake is to clean the house a bit. LIving with an almost teenager and a husband seems to be a really messy adventure. They both seem to leave a trail behind them regardless of how much they try not to.
After cleaning I think I will move on to much more fun things to do like relax, do some crocheting and watch a little t.v. Before Katie and me go and walk dogs later this afternoon. It's funny I really enjoy walking the dogs with Katie because she talks non-stop and it is a good time to check in with her and see if anything major or minor is causing her problems and I can help her try to solve those problems, and with nothing interfering like telephones or tv.
I've been thinking about cutting my hair but am still quite undecided about that. Nothing to drastic maybe just shoulder length with bangs which I think would be a welcome change because I have started to feel frumpy again. I am in deperate need of some clothes that fit but I only have to wait for 2 weeks because then it will be my birthday and I will have birthday money from my grandparents and parents which I will use to try to create a small wardrobe of clothes that fit at least for the next little while.

What are your plans for today?