Sunday, October 9, 2011

Making Things Matter

Have you ever notice that a conversation regardless of how brief can make a world of difference to how you feel. Sometimes it can be as simple as an acknowledgement of something you may have done or someone saying something which boosts your confidence when you are dow. That one conversation can change your feelings of anger, resentment or just pure unhappiness to a feeling of calmness, making you feel more upbeat and ready to fight the good fight again if you had all but given up.
Having conversations like this I believe are completely necessary in order to help keep you on the right path withinn your life and helps with balance. It is not that a person always needs outside influence to feel good as that is something that should come from within but that it can help especially if you are at a crossroads with your feelings or on the verge of making a decision based on other things that really have do direct impact with the decision. I appreciate and enjoy moments like this because it helps everything make sense again.

When was the last conversation that you had with someone that made things matter?