Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Crocheting & Side Projects

The other da, which was day or two before payday I ran out of the colors for the two afghan I am working on. Not wanting to take an extra trip to Walmart for more yarn, I decided to have some fun and experiment with some left over yarn from my other afghans. It worked well I attempted to make a beanie hat for Katie because she always seems to like those type of hats.
After looking a bit on youtube I then decided to dive in a see how well I could make one and it turned out quite well.
Katie was so happy with the hat that she has now informed me about all of the different colors of beanies that she wants. While working on a second one for her, Darcy then pops up and says he wants one too because his head is cold. So I made him one as well it's mainly blue with a large white stripe and a green stipe as close to Canucks colors as possible. He seemed absolutely thrilled with it.
But now I have my yarn again for my afghans so it is back to the grind again making these afghans. Well it is not really a grind considering that I enjoy crocheting and find it to be quite relaxing.

Happy crocheting everyone...