Thursday, September 1, 2011

Time Flies

It seems that the time has just been flying this week, After taking Katie to the Dr on Tuesday I luckily wasn't scheduled to work until 1pm yesterday so I was able to take Katie to get x-rays done. The Dr. was concerned that she might have a fractured rib from being hit by the car considering how much pain she is on her left side. So after taking her to the x-ray clinic which suprisingly didn't take to long I went for yet another full day at work. I really like this job and feel like it is finally starting to feel like the right place for me to be. I am only scheduled til 3 today but that could change if someone doesn't show up to work. Hopefully, I will be able to come home after 3pm so that I can make a really good supper. I am thinking probably spaghetti, which I am happy to say I have been making healthier these days. Instead of using ground beef I have been using ground pork. I find that the ground pork doesn't dry out like the ground beef and feels lighter in the stomach. Next big chore get Katie back on schedule for bedtimes and such considering school starts up again on Tuesday. It will be a big change for her especially since she is going into highschool this year. It seems to depend on the day as to whether or not she is excited about it. How are you spending your week?