Saturday, September 17, 2011

Moving Forward

Have you ever thought about moving forward with an idea and be completely unaware of how you plan on accomplishing the goal?

Well I have been at that place for a while now. I really want to become a nurse but the costing is way to much for me to afford and with the time I would need to put into it wouldn't really allow me to work a full time position at the same time. After much thought into this I have decided to save up even if it only $50 a pay. Stenberg College is offering a Psychiatric nursing program that can be done through distance education so I have decided that is way I am going to go for now. And in the meantime while I am saving up to do this I will work on getting my pre-requisites completed. I need to get English 12, Math 11, Biology 12, and Chemistry 11. I will do these slowly and will aim to get my Math 11 started later this week when I can swing by Surrey Connect to hand in my first assignment and pick up the textbook. Hopefully, that will keep me busy while I attempt to save the money for the program.

I have seen people jump into situations with an idea like this and it ends up getting all confused and they can end up in a serious amount of student loan debt. My goal is to be able to get this accomplished with as little debt as possible so that once I am in a career that I really want, I will be able to enjoy the benefits of such job.

How do you go about planning for future goals?

As for today I am excited that I will be able to take my parents out for dinner and give them both presents that I hope they enjoy. Then I will get to spend the rest of the evening relaxing and spending some time with Darcy.