Thursday, September 15, 2011


"Loyalty" is the word that has been on my mind over the last couple of days. At which point when in a new position or friendship does loyalty begin?

Thinking back I have been loyal to numerous friends although I have always been somewhat of a cynic when it comes to someone asking me to do something. It always lingers in my mind as to what the alterior motive is. This cynisism has helped protect me from losing things and from giving to much to the point of being taken advantage of. Yet, in certain situations with certain people I would give the shirt off my back without a seconds hesitation. If I decide to be loyal to someone it is almost often to a fault and I will still through things with them to a fault.

It is almost the same with employers with just a couple of acceptions. First, when a employer asks me to do something which is above and beyong my call of duty I will generally do it without question. Except for the fact that I do not forget what sacrifice I have made for them and keep it in mind when doing further dealings with them. If I am well treated for my act of going above and beyond or acknowledged for it my employer will earn and keep my loyalty. If on the otherhand the employer seems to take advantage about what I have done above and beyond my loyalty is harder to earn. It is a very fine line with an employer but one that I have managed to handle quite well in the past. It is something that goes beyond a paycheque because you can earn a paycheque and at the same time detest and have absolutely no loyalty to an employer, but it does make for a way more cooperative working relationship if you respect and have loyalty to your employer. If you have respect and loyalty to your employer when they ask you to do something that is above and beyond you will feel glad to help out but if there is no loyalty or respect you will find yourself doing what has been asked begrudgingly or building resentment towards your employer for asking you to go above and beyond for your position.

What is your take on loyalty?