Sunday, September 25, 2011


Have you ever read something that completely inspired you to get moving. I did just a few moments ago. In one of the blogs I follow she ran a 5k and the her story of struggle and determination totally inspired me. I remember how it felt when I ran my first 5k and it just makes me want to go outside and start running.
I think that will be one of my main goals this week to start running again and not give up. I used to love the feeling after completing a run, though I was never the fastest I used to be very proud of myself of having been able to run at all. This story brought all of that back to me so I have decided that it is time once again to RUN. Everytime I hear or read about someone having a great run it motivates me and reading what I read this morning brought it even closer to the surface for me.

If you want to be inspired like me check out "Good-bye Fat Girl" and prepare to be inspired.