Sunday, August 21, 2011

Zombies, Spiders, And A Dead Cat

Well it defiantely has been a long strange weekend. It started off yesterday with Katie being invited by her cousin and his girlfriend to go to the annual Zombie Walk. Every year there is a gathering in Vancouver where thousands of people show up dressed likes Zombies or people escaping from zombies. Katie was one of the people trying to escape. She had a good time but came home very sore as Katie is still hurting from the accident.

Then later in the evening while taking a bath Katie came running into the bathroom al upset because there was a spider (according to her it was as big as a tarantula) in her room. After a frantic call to her father to come home from his pizza delivery job to kill the spider and waking Timpa up because daddy couldn't come home immediately there spider had slipped away into the night not to be seen again. She was so concerned about the spider that she ended up sleeping on the couch in the living room. Just so that it could not attack her in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately it was a sad morning though as her cat Bear died in the night. So this morning was filled with lots of tears and a family funeral in the back. I hate to see Katie so upset like that and feel bad that there is nothing I can do to make it better. The only being who seems more upset than Katie is our other cat Honey who keeps crying and demanding every bit of attention that she can get. I figured she would be very lonely since Honey and Bear have been together since birth. We buried him in a very nice place in the backyard and Katie plans to buy a rosebush and plant it on top of his grave so she will know exactly where he is. I hope things get better for her sake because even she was saying today that this has been one of the worst summers of her short life (of course there has been good things happening this summer she is still very upset over the last couple of weeks happenings.

Have you ever had a weekend where if anything could go wrong it would?