Sunday, August 28, 2011

What A Sunday

Of all the people out there in the world I wish I could say that I was one of the ones to whom Sunday is a day for rest. No such luck, I guess it's true there is no rest for the wicked. My day started off with ideas of only getting my laundry done but that soon trangressed into sweeping, clearing out the house and then mopping.
I don't mind the mopping so much considering when I mop I always use my favorite cleaner. Mr. Clean with frebreeze the green kind I think it is meadow rain is my favorite. I just love that for hours after I mop the entire house smells so clean and fresh. I found that it even covers up the smell of Tia's farts which are so bad I swear it could make the paint fall of the walls.
With all of that completed I then focused on working on my next afghan this one is for my stepdaughters mother. She is a huge Canucks fan so I figured that making her an afghan of the Canucks colors will definately make the afghan more special and liked by her. After dinner Katie and I took Toby and Amy the neightbours dogs for one of their weekly walks. I really enjoy that time with Katie as it is usually uninterrupted and we can just talk and I get to hear all about where her head is at and make sure that she is still on the right track. Now to just sit back work on some crocheting and enjoy the rest of the evening.

How did you spend your Sunday?