Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Too Busy To Worry

So tomorrow is the day when I go to see the gynecologist to find out what he discovered and have the pictures explained to me. Luckily, I have been too busy dealing with Katie and getting quite a few shifts to really have time to dwell on it. I will just keep the outlook until the appointment as positive. I hope the discovery is that there is no underlying condition that will not allow a hysterectomy to fix it.
I know that most women would probably be upset at the prospect of having a hysterectomy with the thought of being less than a woman but I find that I am actually looking forward to possibly having the hysterectomy. To me it would mean freedom from extreme pain every month and no threat of becoming pregnant, especially since I have no intention of ever having another baby (I love my child that I birthed but decided after 48 hours in labour and an emergency c-section that this was not something I ever wanted to attempt again).

So here's hoping that it is all good news tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on having a hysterectomy?