Sunday, August 7, 2011

Showing The Younger Generation

Last night Katie and me went to the VV Botique and I picked a couple of older comedies that Katie had never seen or heard of. I decided that now is the time to show her classic comedies instead of the stupid comedies of late.

One of the movies I picked was "Oscar" with Sylvestre Stallone. Katie was very impressed at just how funny the movies was. I am glad to see that she can appreciate what actual funny is compared to some of the funny movies out there today where it's funny if someones walks into a doorframe.

Tonight we are going to watch Planes, Trains, and Automobiles with John Candy. I think she may find that movies even funnier. Maybe I am getting older or something but it just seems that they are making more and more stupid funny movies rather than making comedies that requires you to use your brain a bit. All the stupid funny has to be so in your face other than simply subtle (which I think works way better).

What are your thoughts on comedies of today compared to comedies of the 80's?